New Patients

How to Register at the Practice

Walk In Registration

We have an open list and welcome requests from patients living in the Peterborough area.

You can register in person at Thistlemoor Medical Centre instead of using our online form if this is easier for you.

To complete your registration paperwork you will need to visit Thistlemoor Medical Centre between 9.00am and 12:00pm Monday – Friday. Please pick up an application pack from reception.

Online Registration Forms

We would like you to complete registration forms online using the link ”“.Once you have completed the online registration form, one of the staff members will contact you to schedule your new registration appointment. If you do not have access to electronic forms (these are available on most phones as well as computers) we will provide you with access to a computer to complete the registration form and New Patient Medical form at the Practice. If you need more help, please talk to our reception staff.

Please ensure ALL questions are answered -we will reject forms if any questions remain unanswered.

In order to register as a patient at our practice you will need:

  1. Complete a NHS family doctor services registration form GMS1 and
  2. New patient questionnaire for adults and form for children under 16 years age or newborn baby depending on who needs to register.
  3. Submit them online.
  4. Please Note: You need to complete these forms fully to enable us to register you. Incomplete forms will be rejected. You need to complete the whole set of forms for each member of your family.
  5. Please fill details in the appropriate form for the age of your child (new born, Under 16 years). we require complete immunsation records for all children under the age of 16 years.
  6. We recommend that you also complete the Access to online records at the same time (this section is included in the registration forms) as it allows you to access your medical records, view your test results, manage your appointments and much more, using the NHS App or SystmOnline App.

Please note that we will only register you officially when you attend in person for a new patient check when we will verify your identity. The online registration process cuts down the time required to complete the registration process.

7. Once we receive your correctly completed registration forms and medical information, we will contact you to confirm receipt and arrange a 10 minute face to face appointment when we will complete the registration formally.

We currently have a waiting list for new patient appointments; however, if you take medication regularly, we will prioritise you to come sooner to complete your long term care check in order to be able to issue your required medication when you need a new supply. We request you to bring all your medications with you at the time of your registration appointment.

On your first visit to register you will be explained how our service works and what you can expect from us, but also what we expect from you as well. We require you to bring a photo ID with you to enable us to activate your online access to your records.

We would ask all new patients to read our Practice Charter which sets out our responsibilities to you and your responsibilities to us.

Practice Area

Catchment Area

Registering with the practice

Please bring your completed GMS1 form and new patient questionnaire to the practice when you register or complete the online forms.

Newly registering patients will be asked to provide documentary evidence depending on their status, at the time of registration.