Desmond is a Diabetes Education and Self-Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed.

DESMOND is the acronym for Diabetes Education and Self-Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed. It is part of a school of patient education for people with diabetes, developed by a number of NHS Organisations.

Educators on the NHS may now be specifically trained in DESMOND.

  • DESMOND is a way to learn more about Type 2 diabetes.
  • DESMOND is a resource to help manage diabetes-related changes.
  • DESMOND is a way to meet and share life experiences with others.
  • DESMOND is a group of education programmes designed for people with diabetes.

DESMOND is an NHS organisation that helps to deliver high quality patients education to people with type 2 diabetes, or those who are at risk of diabetes.

What are the benefits for a health organisation taking on MyDESMOND?

  • Based on the award-winning, NICE-recommended DESMOND programme
  • A programme proven to reduce diabetes distress and increase self-efficacy
  • An alternative for those that would not normally engage with group education
  • or during times of national pandemic when mixing with others is not possible
  • Fulfilment of your transactional funding targets for your organisation for people with/at risk of Type 2 diabetes
  • A more informed and engaged diabetes population

Self-Referral to DESMOND:

People with diabetes can self-refer to the service by telephoning 0300 131 0300 option 1, option 4