General Practice Staff & Services

Our Team

Our primary health care team work together to help Thistlemoor Medical Centre deliver patient care. The emphasis is on a team approach to healthcare. The reception team supports the care delivery and enables the flow through the practice. The administrative team organises the structure and function of the care-delivery teams. The wider clinical team and doctors work side-by-side to care for our patients.



Dr Neil Modha (Male) MBBS; MRCGP; BSc (Hons) - Healthcare Management (Imperial); PG Cert Med (Ed)
Dr Mehr Ahmed (Female) MBBS;
Dr Azhar Chaudhry (Male) MBBS; MRCGP; DRCOG; DFRSH; PG Cert Med (Ed)
Dr Catherine Jones (Female)
Dr Jessica Randall-Carick (Female)
Dr Lubna Salim (Female)
Dr Emma Hamilton (Female) MBBS; BSc (Hons) MRCGP; DFSRH; PG Cert Med(Ed)
Dr Karen Hamilton (Female) MB Chb; MRCGP; DRCOG; 
Dr Jitendra Modha (Male)  MBBS; LRCP; LRCS; LRCPS
Dr Nalini Modha (Female)  MBBS; MCRGP; LRCP; LRCS; LRCPS; DFSRH; PG Cert Med (Ed)
GP Registrars and Foundation Year 2 Doctor
Dr Sarika  (Female - Foundation Year 2), Dr Chen (female - ST1), Dr Malkera (female - ST1), Dr Ahmed (male - ST1) and Dr Mukhtar (male ST 3)

Clinical Team
Community and Nursing Staff
Ms Wioleta Zietek (female), Ms Teresa Samuel (female) and Mr Kamil Klosowicz (male), Ms Nadia Batul (female), Ms Rebecca Perry (female) Ms Rosie Mahmood (female), Ms Ingrida Gruzdaite (female), Ms Anna Castro (female), Ms Joanna Kwiatecka (female) Ms Ewa Slusarczyk and Ajmal Razza (male)

Practice Pharmacist
Ms Katarzyna Lukaszewska (female)

Paramedic Team
Mr Richard Gater (male), Mr Ant Kitchner (male) and Ms Andrea Rose (female)

Phlebotomy and Dressings
Ms. Larissa Tanavania (female)

Health care
Lead: Ewelina Slotwinski

A team of 26 HCAs! including Agnes S, Roberta S, Roberta K, Farwa, Migle, Natalia, Simona, Piotr L, Lina C, Robertas G, Elas, Beata, Piotr Slotwinski

Reception / administration Team
Leads: Erika, Joanna and Roszia
A team of 12 including - Monica, Cristina, Erika, Priti, Joanna, Roszia, , Adrian, Darius, Joanna C and Piotr S. 

Management & Administration
Paulina Janczura: Practice Manager
Dr Nalini Modha: Clinical Manager
Dr Neil Modha: Registered Manager
Piotr Slotwinski: Communications and Estate Management
Joanna Kondek: Finance and Salaries
Robertas Grab: Patient Reports
Ms Barton: Call - recall administration. 
Erika Jankauskaite: - Ordering
Annette Barton: Records, summarisation administration
Ewelina Bogdan: Clinical administrator
Agnes Mehedintu: Audiotyping manager
Paul Kirton: Information Technology administrator

Health Visitors

Are located on site: Amanda Howells, Tricia Kavanagh, Nicola Taylor, Jade Rush
 They help to look after babies from birth to 5 years of age and are happy for you to contact them for any problems with feeding, speech and language development checks for your baby.
 They have regular clinics at Fulbridge School and Lawn Avenue.
 Please contact Health Visiting team on - (01733) 891338 or 343716.

District Nurses

Are located off site: Jane Bellamy, Nicki Taylor, Gillian Trickey, Emma Jocobs, Lucy McLaughlan, Rachel Haddon
 They help to look after our patients and patients from neighbouring surgeries. They focus their care on patients that are housebound and help with services including dressings, blood taking, blood pressure monitoring and many more activities. 

Services available

Treatment Room procedures
 You may book an appointment with a nurse for cervical smears, removal of stitches, immunisation for babies, dressings for wounds, vaginal swabs, etc.

Contraceptive services and minor operations:
 We provide full range of contraceptive services including implants and coils for which you need to see the doctors and nurses in surgery before the procedure can be carried out. You need to see a doctor for Minor operations such as joint injection and removal of skin tags, small lumps, etc.

Monitoring of chronic conditions

 Anyone with a condition such as hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, asthma, chronic lung problems, heart disease (previous stroke or heart attack), underactive thyroid or epilepsy are required to attend the surgery on a regular basis (as discussed with your healthcare professional) to have any checks and investigations for you carried out.

 Most checks for conditions are carried out on once a year to check that your symptoms are under control and you do not have any problems with your medication. Please book an appointment after April each year. Please do not wait for an invitation to book your appointment.

 It is very important to keep these appointments when they are arranged, please notify us if you cannot attend and rebook your appointment.

 You need to bring all your medications with you at the time of your appointment.

Travel immunisations

We no longer provide travel immunisation services. There are alternative providers in Peterborough including Chemists and Supermarkets. Please do your research and chose the best option according to your needs.

Seasonal flu vaccine

Each year the seasonal flu vaccine is delivered after the 15th of October.
 Any patient over 65 or with asthma, COPD, diabetes, and certain heart conditions is welcome to come in for a seasonal flu vaccination on any morning between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Services for women

Pill checks: We also invite women who are taking the contraceptive pill to attend the surgery for a yearly “pill check” and to discuss alternatives such as the implant and the coil which are long term reversible contraception methods.

 When you are pregnant: A trained midwife is attached to the practice who provides complete maternity care in association with the doctor. If you present yourself to the practice we will inform the midwife who will contact you – she books her own appointments.

 Cervical smear appointment: There are national screening programmes in England to screen for cervical cancer and breast cancer. All women between age 25-65 are eligible to have cervical smear which can detect early cancer or changes leading to cancer before this becomes dangerous – please keep your appointment for a smear if it has been booked.

 Breast mammogram: Helps to detect breast cancer before it becomes obvious to you – women are sent appointments after age 50 every 3 years – please keep the appointment when you receive one.

Average Earnings
General practices are required to publish the average earnings per General Practitioner for the year 2016/2017. For Thistlemoor Medical Centre, the average earnings per GP is £58,500. This is based on 4 Full-time and 6 Part-time Doctors and takes into account NHS income against expenses without deductions of Tax or national insurance. 

Job Opportunities

If you would like to enquire about the opportunity to join our team, please feel free to enquire by ringing the surgery or emailing Paulina Janczura at:
We are currently looking for nurses and paramedics to join our team. If you are interested then please contact the Practice for a look around and more information.

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